Research Topics: Tuesday's Lab Section

Breast and Ovarian Cancers by Margaret Marshall and Jennifer Merritt
Hospital Killers by Jake Burns and Kevin Meek
Human Immunoeficiency Virus by Kristen Nowakowski
Malaria by Sophie Ear
Pharyngitis and Bronchitis by Caitlin Kendall and Adam Karmally
Premature Neonatal Illnesses by Ally Appling, Katie Martin and Rachel Dvorak
Respiratory Diseases by Mia Tedone, Briana Williams & Erika Ryan
Sickle Cell Anemia and Hemophilia by Krysta Lewis and Stephanie Isola
Stem Cell Research and its Applications: Sarah Clarke and Annie Newbert
STDs by Jennifer Foster, Rachel MacDonald & Haley Battis

Research Topics: Thursday's Lab Section

Bacterial and Viral Meningitis by Steve Lovette and Devin Leslie
Cholera and its Effects in Africa by Nick Darst and Kelsey Dall
Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis by Megan Fontes and Casey Shield
Immune System and Cancer by Tiffany Grayson
Malaria by Emily Lewis and Charlotte Didlake
Microbial Diseases of the Skin by Bianca M Diaz & Nicole Umemoto-Snyder
Mimivirus by Rebecca Kaplan and Jennifer Koch
Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Adrianne LeBlanc and Sarah Spillane
Tuberculosis by Alexandra Merrifield
Watch Out! Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Megan McTaggart and Chelsea Tabellion